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Voicing/Instrumentation: Piano
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ABRSM Core Classics Piano Book 1 Grades 1-2

Essential Repertoire for Piano
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Item no: 9781786013057
Title: ABRSM Core Classics Piano Book 1 Grades 1-2
Composer: Various
Voicing/Instrumentation: Piano
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ABRSM Core Classics Piano Book 1 Grades 1-2

Core Classics is a collection of seven books of music from the piano canon, selected and graded by leading educationalists. Drawn from ABRSM’s extensive back catalogue, each volume contains a rich selection of engaging pieces to form the backbone of any pianist’s repertoire. From Bach to Beethoven, Scarlatti to Schumann, this series includes an abundance of much-loved pieces. All pieces have been carefully selected to ensure that each book is nothing short of a ‘teacher’s toolkit’ – works that any teacher would want their pupils to learn as part of their musical journey. Each book is authoritatively graded, with pieces gradually increasing in difficulty throughout.
Content Title Reference
Andante from Symphony No. 94 in G The Surprise Joseph Haydn
Air: No. 7 from 12 Easy Pieces George Dyson
Study in F Op. 190 No. 27 (Melody) Louis Köhler
A Toy from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Anon
Camptown Races Stephen Collins Foster
Melody in C No. 21 from ABC du Piano Felix le Couppey
Waltz: No. 11 Lionel Salter / Thomas Attwood
Suite No. 1 in G Z. 660: 1st movement Prelude Henry Purcell
Minuet No. 8 Hob. IX/8 Joseph Haydn
Sailor’s Song: No. 11 from Work and Play Felix Swinstead
German Dance in C WoO 8 No. 1 Ludwig van Beethoven
Minuet in G K. 1e Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonatina in C: Adagio Daniel Steibelt
Study in F Op. 176 No. 17 Jean-Baptiste Duvernoy
Moderato: No.2 from 20 Little Pieces for Beginners Op.6 Aleksandr Fyodorovich Gedike
Sonatina No. 2 in C Mvt. 1 Allegro Thomas Attwood
Gavotte in F Jan Ladislav Dussek
Down by the Riverside Trad. American
Stolzer Reitersmann (Proud Horseman) Op. 47 No. 2 Robert Fuchs
Three Blue Mice: No. 1 Terence Greaves