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How I Wonder Bk/CD

Nursery Rhymes and Songs Book 3
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Item no: 9781922025999
Title: How I Wonder Bk/CD
Composer: Gill Richard
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How I Wonder Bk/CD

Book 3 of Richard Gill’s arrangements of your favourite Nursery Rhymes and Songs, including a CD recording featuring Monica Trapaga, Dan Walker, Julie Oguey, and members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Suitable for parents and early childhood teachers, each book includes activities introducing musical terms and concepts, and encouraging learning and development through listening, movement, playing and singing. Tracks: Old Mother Hubbard, Old John Muddlecombe, Ickle Ockle, Apple for the King, Bim Bam, The Old Woman & the Basket, Ride-a-Cock-Horse, Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Hicketty Picketty My Black Hen, Jumping Jeremiah, There was a Crooked Man, Cobbler Cobbler, Spring is Showery, Ladybird Ladybird, Little Tommy Tittlemouse, & more!